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The Four Question Project is an artistic exploration of breaking down the barriers that separate us, to open our minds to the perspectives of others, and find common ground on which we can connect in meaningful ways. It challenges the preconceptions that people often hold, and the quick judgements they make when meeting strangers.

Over the course of 12 Months (as of April 1st, 2020),  I will create a series of 15-20 portraits (each 24’’X 36’’), based on interviews that result from inviting strangers to share their stories with me by answering a series of Four Questions.

This series of portraits will stem directly from the experiences and stories of the participants - rather than on their physical attributes.  I intend to create layered and thematic portraits that are inspired by the individual’s internal landscape, personal history, and hopes for the future. Viewers will be able to read the participants' answers to the Four Questions online, creating a lens through which to view the artwork. 

The Four Questions

  1. How would you describe yourself?  

  2. What would be the best color to describe your personality and why? 

     3.  What is something interesting/unique about yourself that others could never  

          guess about you?

     4. Can you talk to me about an emotional time in your life?  (A positive and negative 

         emotional example would be provided)

The artwork will be showcased as a solo exhibit in a gallery in Montreal, and will tell the stories of a diverse group of individuals whose lives are very different, yet connected. It will be about the process of knowing and connecting with each other, within an attempt to develop a language for the visual representation of who we are as individuals.


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